scott henson

Innovaciones de carbono

scott henson es un líder de personas, gestión del cambio y productos con la necesidad urgente de abordar el cambio climático. He ocupado muchos roles de liderazgo de productos, desde la incubación y el diseño de productos, hasta la gestión y optimización de negocios a escala. También ha dirigido muchos equipos de asociaciones estratégicas centrados en la creación de ecosistemas de aplicaciones saludables, prósperos e innovadores. Este trabajo se realizó en plataformas comercialmente exitosas a gran escala, incluidas Windows, Xbox y Fire TV.

Recently, after a great deal of research and learning, Scott re-oriented his life and professional focus to address the social, environmental, and business challenges posed by the climate crisis. What do consumer products and the climate crisis have in common? Both are powered by people – our attitudes, behaviors, motivations, and values. Through this insight, he believes we can tap into the unlimited potential of humans to address these huge challenges with a sense of possibility, creating a better world for every person and every life on our planet.

He is currently focused on promoting and accelerating scientifically proven solutions to reversing the climate crisis with the goal of achieving a net negative “Drawdown” of greenhouse gas emissions as quickly and equitably as possible. Specialties include business opportunity and financial analysis, change-management, international leadership, people, partner, and relationship management, platform and product vision and development, product strategy, incubation, hardware and software design, and user experience.